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‘No idea’ what your partner can buy YOU for Christmas?

Don’t draw a blank – ask for Joy (yes really!)

The perfect fix for unimaginative and non-gift-giving partners

The sure-fire way to make sure your partner’s gift-giving brings you joy this Christmas

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The chances are you are not one to spurge on a gift for yourself, that’s fine we get it. But it’s also possible that you might sometimes end up disappointed by your partner’s well-intentioned gift-giving or dare we say, impersonal ‘cop-out’ presents like gift cards.   

You may even interpret what your partner gifts to you as what it says about your relationship and sometimes its hard not to compare with others who take to social media to show off pressies from their partners.

Whilst we don’t know anyone whose partner has mastered the art of mind reading – there’s plenty of us who’ll admit to feeling let down when our partner couldn’t read our mind! Ill-chosen gifts can get taken to mean "You don't get me," or, "You don't love me like you used to” and be misunderstood and believed to be representative of what each of you "gives" to the relationship. 

“So, if I gave you a list would that help?” is often the path most trodden and the path of least resistance! but even that can be paved with problems and still leave us feeling frustrated, mad or even a little bit sad. 

If this sounds like you then let us first say that your partner’s lack of gift giving isn’t your problem.  BUT your expectation that your partner will miraculously become your kind of gift giver could be your problem - not theirs.   

It’s Ok to accept the reality that your partner is unlikely to dramatically change – in fact, inexcusably some partners would rather do nothing than risk disappointing loved ones with a ‘wrong’ gift. 

Drawing a blank about what your partner can buy YOU for Christmas? 

Yes, diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but plain and simple it’s family that matter most - why else are our mobile phones and social feeds full to the brim with memories of those we love?! 

Yet these days, instead of printing photos and sharing them in albums, frames and photobooks, they are hidden in hard drives, stuck on our mobile phones and scattered on social media. Joy changes all that.  Making it the perfect gift to point your partner to buy you this year – or you could buy it for your partner (you know, like the kind of gift you buy for someone, but your heart wants to keep for yourself!)

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Here’s why you can suggest to your partner to splurge smartly for you on this a gift that combines the sentimental with simple smart technology – and that’s guaranteed to make you smile, laugh and feel extra special every day of the year:  

  • With Joy you can showcase your favourite family albums, complied of both photos and videos in delightful spreads 
  • The Joy Album looks stylish on a stand or serves as a great coffee table pick-up and share device that gives a permanent home for organising and reliving your family’s memories. 
  • Enjoy coming home to new pictures shared by your family. 
  • Album making is easy. Simply use the Joy app to update grandparents and keep the whole family connected.  
  • The device is sleek, well-built and features a 10” inch full HD touch-screen display. It’s durable and safe to share with the kids.  
  • Every picture tells a story. Share your story and bring your memories to life with VoiceNotes™  
  • Wireless charging and cloud storage as you would expect with a modern device.  

Put simply, Joy is the smart photo album – a story telling device that lives in your home and connects you with your family near or far. Its technology solves all your photo sharing and organising woes and re-imagines the way families communicate around the photos, videos and stories of their lives.  
Pre-Christmas Sale: Save £50 on each device. Buy one for just £149. Use code "SAVE50".  

Find out more about this fabulous gift that can bring Joy to your family by clicking the link below. 

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‘No idea’ what your partner can buy YOU for Christmas?