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Paracetamol harmful to unborn baby boys

Scientists find link between this drug and infertility problems later on

We know that when we’re pregnant there are lots of things that the experts recommend we don’t have.

It’s goodbye pate and hello peas, farewell raw fish and hello H20.

However, we do it because we know that by giving some things up we’ll have a great reward at the end – a new teeny tiny family member.

As well as food however, there are lots of medication we’re also advised to avoid from ibuprofen and aspirin to stronger antibiotics. 

And now it seems that paracetamol, which was seen as ‘ok’ to have during pregnancy could also pose a risk.

According to the latest research by scientists at the University of Edinburgh, prolonged use of this painkiller could harm an unborn male baby and lead to the reduction of testosterone levels. 

This could cause infertility, cancer and undescended testicles later on in their lives.

The scientists used mice carrying grafts of human testicular tissue to come to their conclusions. 

They gave the mice three doses of the drug a day and carried out tests for 24 hours or seven days.

They found that although testosterone levels weren’t affected after 24 hours, it was reduced by 45 percent after seven days.

As a result they suggested that pregnant women should follow what the NHS advises and take as little paracetamol as possible.

Dr Martin Ward-Platt from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, said: "The findings of this study send a clear message - expectant mothers should not prolong paracetamol use during pregnancy, only taking it when necessary and as per current NICE guidelines."

Paracetamol harmful to unborn baby boys