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The annoying things people say and do when you’re pregnant

Leave us alone!

So you’re pregnant.

Your hormones are heightened and all you want is to feel a little bit like ‘you’ again.

However, it seems that sporting a bump is a green light for everyone to make comments – and be inappropriate.

Here’s some of our top bump bugbears of all time.

Touching the bump

Even reading these three words are enough to fill us with rage, but it’s a sad fact of pregnant life. In fact, as soon as that bump appears you’ll have strangers coming over and rubbing your belly like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

But it’s not is it.

In fact we’d probably be arrested if we went up to anyone who wasn’t pregnant and began rubbing their belly – although we’d happily risk it to have a little stroke of Jamie Dorman's.

Our advice. Buy a tee with the ‘words look but don’t touch’ on it, or tell the belly offender you’re just not comfortable about them being in your private pregnant personal space.

Questioning every single little thing that you do

So you’re reaching for that cream cake when you hear ‘are you allowed to eat that?, while lifting a bottle of milk is met with panic.

Welcome to the world of pregnancy where everyone has a say on what you should and shouldn’t be doing from what you’re eating to any activity you’re doing.

Altogether now. ‘Arghhh’.

Criticising your chosen baby name

You’ve spent ages sifting through baby name lists, had countless arguments with your partner and even stooped to the very low ‘but I have to give birth’ card.

And you’ve finally found that perfect name. Excitedly you decide to tell your super close friends and family only to be met with phrases like, ‘oh I knew a… they were horrible’.

In fact when we told one friend our baby name choice for a girl she told us it sounded like a ‘call girl'!

Being told you’re huge/tiny

Whichever one it is the annoyance stays the same. After-all would we go up to someone in the street and comment on their size? No.

And if you do have a big bump you may also have to contend with the ‘oh my friend was big like you and had a 10Ib baby’, comments.

Not helpful people, not helpful.

The labour stories

Whether it was how long they were pushing for, or how it was too late for pain relief, you’ll always get those horrible labour stories.

Our advice? Stick your fingers in your ears and hum loudly (we’ve done it) or be a little bit grown up and ask them to stop!

The annoying things people say and do when you’re pregnant