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The best advice for first time mums

No one knows mums like other mums, so we asked our Bounty mums to share their advice for first time pregnant new mamas

What first time pregnant mamas need to know

From one mum to another, Bounty mums share their wish they’d known advice for new mums


There’s no doubt that no one knows what it’s really like becoming a mum for the first time more than mums. So we asked our Bounty mums on Instagram to share their little gems of advice they wish they’d known when they had their first baby.

So take a look at some of these helpful tips our mums on Instagram have shared for mums everywhere:

"In your last trimester book a really nice leg massage and facial, shoulder massage. Having my swollen legs massaged that were carrying all this weight felt amazing."

"There's no such thing as perfect, just do your best."

"Enjoy every moment!! The pregnancy will develop so fast and the babies will grow up soo quickly!"

"Don’t see timelines as targets all babies do things in there own time and listen to peoples' advice but make you own call you know your bubba"

"Communicate, communicate, communicate! It helps! You’re not alone! And from now on you’ll never be"

"It’s okay to ask for help even if it’s just with housework"

"You’ve bought a beautiful soul into the world who is connected to you and you will know what baby needs just trust yourself and go with your instincts"

"Don't buy too much Newborn or 0-3, both my younger babies were nearly 10lbs, nothing fitted! Also, its true it takes a village - accept all help"

Check out these quick tips from our mums to help new mums’ day to day:

  • Trust your gut
  • Get sleep whenever you can
  • Find mummy friends
  • Buy zip up sleepsuits
  • Be patient
  • Listen to your body 
  • Trust yourself

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The best advice for first time mums