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This year’s best joy-giving grandparent gift

Plus £50 bonus discount so you can treat your own family too

Whether far away or enjoying the festive holidays with family in person

Joy combines the sentimental with simple smart technology to make them smile, laugh and feel extra special

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Grandparents love to give gifts – and of course their offspring think it’s great getting them too. But it can be really difficult figuring out what to give grandparents for Christmas each year, because let’s face it, in most cases, they have everything. But the matriarchs and patriarchs of the family really do deserve the absolute best. After all, they’re real heroes and should be spoilt rotten. 

The best gifts for grandparents are the presents that come from the heart and show how much you care. The ones that they'll always remember and absolutely love, no matter their monetary value. While they will no doubt adore the reindeer handprint Christmas card your little one makes at nursery, you’ll probably agree that after the year we’ve all had, it’s time to up your gift-giving game for Christmas 2020.

If we think long and hard about it, the simple truth is that spending time with their grandchildren is at the top of every grandparent’s list. This year has made it particularly hard to stay in touch with grandparents. Usual trips to see grandchildren, school pick-ups, celebrations and days out together have been sacrificed, so a gift that allows them to stay connected to their loved ones while they’re at home is sure to be one that will delight for years to come. 

Well we’ve got news for you. No matter the occasion, you can give them joy (yes, literally!) Whether it be Christmas, a birthday, a special anniversary, or a ‘thank-you’ for all the support and help grandparents give, JOY is the digital family photo album of the future that brings back the sense of nostalgia and attachment you get from a physical photo album. It’s a present that they're sure to praise and thank-you for (and want to use!) because it combines the sentimental with simple smart technology that will make them smile, laugh and feel extra special.  

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Here’s why this thoughtful, original gift can help bring them closer to your life, whether grandparents are far away or enjoying the festive holidays with family in person:  

The way we take and consume photos has changed. These days instead of printing photos and sharing them in albums and photobooks, most of our photo memories get hidden in hard drives, stuck on our mobile phones and scattered in our social media feeds which grandparents don’t get to see. Joy changes that. 

With Joy you can showcase your favourite family albums, complied of both photos and videos in delightful spreads 

The Joy Album looks stylish on a stand or serves as a great coffee table pick-up and share device that gives a permanent home for organising and reliving your family’s memories 

Grandparents can enjoy coming home to new pictures shared by your family. 

Album making is easy. Simply use the Joy app to update grandparents and keep the whole family connected. 

The device is sleek, well-built and features a 10” inch full HD touch-screen display. It’s durable and safe to share with the kids. 

Every picture tells a story. Share your story and bring your memories to life with VoiceNotes™   

Wireless charging and cloud storage as you would expect with a modern device. 

Put simply, Joy is the smart photo album – a story telling device that lives in your home and connects you with your family near or far.  Its technology solves all your photo sharing and organising woes and reimagines the way families communicate around the photos, videos and stories of their lives. 

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Find out more about this fabulous gift that can bring Joy to your family by clicking the link below.

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This year’s best joy-giving grandparent gift