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What nickname did you give your bump?

We asked Bounty mums what they called their bumps and why…here’s what they told us

What did you call your bump and why?

Let’s hear what nickname you gave your bump and the reason behind it

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Before meeting your little one, many of us chose to give our bump a little nickname. We asked our mums on Instagram to share their cute bump nicknames and the reasons behind them. 

Here are some of our favourites.

“Brian …because it’s the name we didn’t call our dog.”

“Baby Rainbow'Scott now know we're having ga little girl but our 5th pregnancy with 3 losses so definitely a wonderful rainbow after the storms.”

“Peanut - based on the shape right at the beginning of pregnancy journey!“

“Sweet potato given by my husband.”

“Junior, no idea why, i just came out with it one day and it stuck!”

“Strawbs because they were the size of a strawberry seed on the day we found out. They’re due any day now and we are so excited to meet them.”

“We called ours rockstar junior because we gate-crashed Liam Gallagher’s party by accident the year before and think we're rockstars ever since.”

“Initially was squirt …. Then found out he is a big baby and is now called chunk.”

“Lucifer the devils name cause I hated being pregnant, he’s now perfect and totally worth it of course and not named Lucifer.”

“Toad because his big brother is nick and Frog so we have Frog and Toad.”

“Smidget because daddy was in the navy and got the nickname smudge so we've all got something similar.”

“Cheerio and now baby is here we still call him it sometimes!”

“Alisha Keys! I have no idea why other than I said it once and it stuck. I have 8 nieces and nephews who call my bump Alisha Keys with no clue who she is.”

“Bug because when I told my other half that 'the test result was positive' he thought I was talking about a COVID lateral flow test and that I'd caught the dreaded "bug"!! It wasn't until that afternoon that we both ended up on the same page. After that the name stuck.."

“Squishy Lew’ - our surname is Lewis and all babies are so squishy and cute!”

“Burrito... It was a joke that we would name our child that after discovering a NFL player called Taco. So obvious choice when our miracle finally happened.”

“Ours was 'little moon'. He was ivf, and when we first saw the embryo on the screen it looked like the surface of the moon. It stuck. His middle name is Arche, which is one of the smallest moons of jupiter.”

“My daughter was “darci unicorn” my nephews autistic and wanted to call her that. My son was thumper.”

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What nickname did you give your bump?