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What did you say you’d NEVER do as a parent but did anyway?

We all swore there’s certain things we would never do as a parent but ended up doing anyway, what’s yours?

‘As a parent I will never…’

Here’s some of our mums sharing what they swore they’d never do as parents but ended up doing

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Before becoming parents, most of us will have uttered those infamous words: “When I’m a parent I’ll never…” How did that sentence end for you?

But let’s face it, most of us end up eating those words and allowing the things with our little ones we never thought we would.

We asked out Instagram followers to confess to the thing they always said they wouldn’t do as parents but ended up doing anyway.

Here’s some of the best.

"No TV, no food in the bed or on the sofa."

"Giving snacks in the car or putting on the tv first thing in the morning to keep them quiet."

"Co sleeping and honestly it saved me the first year (following the safe steps obviously) now I miss him loads."

"No TV and no dummy. Safe to say both have been life savers at times."

"Cook different foods for dinner because they don’t like specific things. I didn’t with my eldest 2 but my youngest is autistic so I had no choice really and the older two cottoned on to what was happening."

"Bribing my child with a toy / sweet / chocolate in a shop so that they wouldn’t have a meltdown."

Screen time
Letting him get his own way (from time to time)
Giving in to fussy eating
Screen time at the table whilst out eating.
Clearly before I had my son I was a snobby parental Karen - oh how those feelings quickly went away."

"Letting my toddler sit in the trolley at the supermarket. I hated it before with a passion, I'm such a hypocrite."

"Open things while walking around the shop. I used to find it so embarrassing when my mum did it."

"Go through every name when speaking to them. Drove me mad and when my mum did it but I do it too."

"Let them watch cartoons on a phone or tablet while out and about."

"Saying ‘because I said so’ also shouting, bribery, iPads the list goes on."

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What did you say you’d NEVER do as a parent but did anyway?