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What is the one thing you wish you’d known before giving birth?

What’s your one nugget of information you wish you’d been given before giving birth?

I wish I’d known …. Before giving birth

What do you wish you’d known before giving birth

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Giving birth is incredible but also can be full of surprises! We asked our Instagram followers what the one thing they wish they’d known before giving birth.

We got a lot of responses! Have a read through some of our favourites and pass on to someone who could benefit from having a heads up.

“When your waters break it doesn't all come in one go. I waited a day before proper labour but every time I moved ....more waters....felt like I was constantly peeing my pants!!!”

“Don't be a hero, get plenty of rest afterwards.”

“That not everything goes to plan and you have to adapt if needed.”

“Your first poo after is terrifying.”

“That your birth plan is sometimes only what you want and not what actually happens. Sometimes things are out of your control- but that's OK!”

“Don’t worry about not knowing what to do when ur in labour - ur body knows and will do what it is supposed to do - u just have to go along for the ride! And u will get through it, even though it’s painful as hell and u will say u can’t do it! Ur stronger than you know.”

“The pain is quickly forgotten and worth every second.”

“Have as many naps you can! Actually just sleep for an entire week before u give birth might give u enough energy for not sleeping for a year!”
“That your due date means nothing at all.”

“Put absolutely every option in your birth plan and don’t stress about it if it doesn’t go as you wanted, the main thing is your baby is here safe and sound.”

“The 4th trimester! I wish I knew how patient I would have needed to be with myself & my body I bled for a lot longer than I thought I would too! Be kind to yourselves ladies REST.”

“Don’t be afraid to tell the midwives during labour which position you want to be in. During my first I was on my back which I knew would make it harder but didn’t feel I could tell the midwives I wanted to be upright. During my second I had the confidence and experience to tell them I wanted to be more upright. I ended up giving birth in a high kneeling position, leaning on the back of the bed.”

“That having your waters broke is really messy!”

“No one tells you about how much your body will shake and tremble in first stage labour due to adrenaline in your body I didn’t know what was happening MW told me it was normal no one has told me about it!”

“That the beds in the hospital has a remote control so you can move it up and down yourself instead of sleeping really uncomfortable.”

“That there’s a major crash physically and emotionally when you come down from the adrenaline high you live in for the feed days/weeks.”

“That you’re in charge and in control. Don’t feel under pressure and just stay silent or go with it if you’re uncomfortable. You can say no. And you can ask for things like a c section if you want one or pain relief when you need it (within reason) and they cannot refuse you.”

“You know when you need to push...even if you've not long been examined and only half way there. Things can all of a sudden just move along.”

“Take unwarranted advice from others with a pinch of salt. Everyone's experience is unique so enter parenthood with an open mind! Do what feels right.”
“That it would take a week for my breast milk to come in.”

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What is the one thing you wish you’d known before giving birth?