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What’s your favourite thing about being a parent?

Our mums on Instagram share their precious moments of being a parent, what’s yours?

My favourite thing about being a parent is…

Here’s what some of our mums rate as their favourite aspect of parenting

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Being a parent has so many highs, of course there are some lows too! But we asked our mums on Instagram to share their one favourite thing that makes parenting so special for them.

Here’s some of the most special moments our mums shared:

"Putting them to bed at night!"

“The smile on my little boy's fave when he wakes up and sees me! Melts my heart every time!!”

“Being so loved by this tiny person and loving her right back!”

“The running hug and delightful scream of “mum” when I get home from work“

“Watching him learning new things every day ( 4months)”

“Today? Bedtime”

“Having that unconditional love from your little one, even if you do get frustrated on certain day, or cry,or you look horrible, in their sweet little eyes they love you no matter what”

“Being there when my daughter wakes up on a morning and getting the biggest smiles from her!”

“Cuddles and when my baby boy smiles at me”

“When your kids tell you that you're the best mum ever.”

“Whole body hugs and the look of wonder on his face when he explores something new. Even if it is just the hoover.”

“How my boy looks for me when he’s sad and a cuddle from me calms him right away”

“Seeing her grow everyday and seeing this little personality burst. She makes me proud!”

“Seeing the world through my son’s eyes, everything is so much more positive and fun!”

“Those smiles make the sleepless nights worth every second!”

“Hearing my little boy giggle”

“Seeing them develop into their own person”

“Always being needed, even if it is just to wipe a bottom!”

“The amount of love my baby gives back with that one single smile”

“Watching my two little ones together (17 months age difference)”

“Messy weaning solo eating fun.. The one where you need to power wash them down!”

“Cuddle and kisses  or when you feel down they are there to make you laugh”

“Being your baby’s ‘person’ – the way their face lights up”

“Watching all their little changes as they grow and develop”

“Watching my 6 month old calculate how she’s going to get a toy, or watching her move a toy differently”

“Having someone else who loves you unconditionally even when you struggle to love yourself”

“Feeling needed, and being someone’s safe place”

“She gives me a smile every morning and even after a restless night, all is forgotten”

“When they’re tired and they snuggle into your neck”

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What’s your favourite thing about being a parent?