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What’s your funniest ‘baby brain’ moment?

Let’s face it, we’ve all had a ‘baby brain’ moment, what’s your funniest one?

What did your baby brain make you do?

Here’s some funny baby brain moments our Bounty mums have shared

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‘Baby brain’ may not be an official condition, but we all know what it is and have some funny stories to share of what our baby brains made us do! 

Here some of our Bounty mums have shared their funniest baby brain moments.

"I saw a car I thought was mine put the key in and it wouldn't turn ..I stood there for ten mins or so trying to unlock someone elses car ..then a man asked what I was doing to his car I then realised it wasn't my car mine was across the road."

"Going back to work in September thinking maternity leave was over and it wasn’t until November."

"Working in a transport office and asking my colleague which part of Wales Carlisle was in!"

"Tried to plug my phone charger in to the cat. No cats were harmed.

"Putting my jeans on backwards wore them for 7 hours before I noticed and did 2 school runs wondered why the back pockets was in side."

"Blowing my nose with mouthwash in my mouth can still feel the burn."

"My first time taking my baby out on my own... such a military operation. Buggy, nappies, wipes, bottles, in the car! Just getting off the drive and I remembered the baby was still indoors."

"After seeing a advert for vauxhall I asked hubby if we'd ever owned one. (We've had a lot of cars) he gave me a weird look and said yes it's sitting in the driveway."

"Parked on the side of the road crying as i couldnt remember what side of the road to drive on."

"Put fruit juice in my tea instead of milk, then couldn’t understand what I’d done wrong and why it smelt funny."

"Searched for an hour and half for my house keys… top shelf in the fridge. To this day I have no idea why."

"Waiting for 3.15 to pick my oldest up from school. She was upstairs playing and it was a Saturday."

We’ve all been there! Tell us what your funniest ‘baby brain’ moment was.

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What’s your funniest ‘baby brain’ moment?