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Where’s the craziest place you’ve heard someone gave birth?

We asked our Instagram mums the craziest place someone’s given birth they’ve ever heard of

The craziest place to give birth I’ve ever heard is…

Have you heard of someone giving birth in a crazy place?

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Whether you have a detailed birth plan or just plan to go with the flow, sometimes nature has other ideas and birth plans go out the window. 

The BBC reported how a mum gave birth in an Uber when she was on a mad dash to make it to the hospital. So, we decided to ask our Instagram mums where’s the craziest place they’ve heard of someone giving birth.

Take a look at some of these, there are some crazy birth stories here.

“In John Lewis!”

“At a Peter kay concert!”

“My friend who lives in America gave birth in Wallmart car park.”

“My sister gave birth on the border of Hampshire & Berkshire!”

“A lady gave birth in the hospital car park while I was in being monitored!!”

“Someone I know gave birth outside a Toby Carvery on the road”

“One of the children I looked after at nursery was born still in the sack in the back of an ambulance in the monkey Forest car park. The sack stayed intact until they reached the delivery unit at the hospital!”

“I gave birth in an ambulance outside a Renault garage on the side of the road, my labour went so quickly, he was out in 5 pushes, lol. I named him Leo, the joke was that we should of called him Cleo!”

“Had my son in an ambulance outside my house before they had a chance to close the doors!! luckily it was half 6 in the morning lol”

“Mum’s bathroom floor 10 mins before the ambulance got to us. Only had 3 contractions. 1, then water went on the next, then baby on the 3rd, into the empty bathtub.”

“I remember being in hospital after a major operation, as we sat in the café there was a mad rush and panic suddenly, a lady was having her baby in the entrance to the hospital!! It was mid Feb, snow on the ground!!”

“When I was waiting in the delivery suite reception for an appointment at 40 weeks, a woman walked in, shouted ‘can I be let in to the birth centre please!’, and I watched her baby slide down her trouser leg! Me and my mum had to help hold her trousers up and get her through the door where she ended up on her hands and knees while the midwives rushed around her.”

“Youngest son was born in the hospital lift going down to the labour suites and daughter a hospital stock room because all labour suites were full.”
“In a helicopter in Devon in the air!!”    

“My friend gave birth in the footwell 5 mins from home oh and she’d only had the car a few days!”

“At Alton Towers!”

“My great aunt was born in a bucket!”

“Boot of the car outside the hospital”

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Where’s the craziest place you’ve heard someone gave birth?