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Having kids gives you a better sex life

Survey reveals interesting findings into the sex life of parents

Having kids improves your sex life, new survey reveals

Parents reveal how having kids has improved their sex lives

Sex is better…

  • …once kids are born

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Who says your sex life is never the same once you’ve had a baby? Not a new survey that actually says many couples enjoy better sex after their children are born.

The average time to reintroduce a sex life after the birth of a baby is 58 days, according to the survey carried out by Channel Mum of 1,118 couples.

The survey also revealed that 64% of men said they preferred their partner’s post-birth curvier shape in preference to their slimmer pre-pregnancy body shape. 

Nearly half of all new mums surveyed expressed insecurity about their new post-pregnancy shape and feared their partner wouldn’t find them as attractive anymore.

But most interestingly, the survey found that almost a third of couples asked said they have more sex once they have become parents and a high 83% claim that now they are parents they focus more on the quality of the sex they have rather than the quantity.

Almost half of the couples asked in the survey said they had become closer to their partner and their attraction stronger since resuming their sex life after the birth of children.

Ways to keep the magic alive between couples according 60% of parents asked is to enjoy regular date nights with each other and 78% said the best time to enjoy alone time with each other is after the kids are in bed.

Some revealed that sex was scheduled in to their routines while others admitted they watch porn together as a couple and some enjoying sexting each other through the day.

But of course there’s some, a quarter of those asked to be precise, that revealed sex was used as a bargaining tool in their house and was a good way to get the chores done round the house!

Sex is better…

  • …once kids are born

Having kids gives you a better sex life